Vitamin C Body Yogurt

C Files Vitamin C Detox Body Yogurt with Shea Butter, Gojiberry, Orange, Kakadu Plum

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A Body Yogurt is a moisturizer that absorbs in seconds and works even on damp skin. It is because it only takes a few seconds to get glowing, healthy-looking skin, as there's more time for the things you care about. It provides 48 hours of lightweight hydration and is formulated in order to help keep skin moisturized, while quenching dry, sensitive skin.  Generally, it's thicker than lotions and is extra effective at rejuvenating dry skin, whether used all over or only on problem patches, such as elbows and knees.

Get glowing and healthy-looking skin with C-Files Detox Body Yogurt.


Combination of Gojiberry and Orange:

We want our skin to glow naturally, but a busy lifestyle and everyday stress leads to dull, uneven and tired-looking skin. Antioxidants present in Gojiberry helps keep our skin moisturized and efficiently regenerate cells for a soft, youthful complexion. Packed with tons of different types of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, Orange Peel also helps reduce acne, promote collagen production, and even out skin tone.

Our skin is affected by many factors, including our environment, health, the food we eat, and much more. Caress your skin with utmost pamperness with C-Files Detox Body YogurtIt contains a good amount of vitamin C, which is known to support firming, tightening and protecting the skin from environmental stressors. It's also been shown to help reduce the appearance of age spots while increasing hydration.


While looking out for moisturizing body yogurt, C-Files Detox Body Yogurt will be the best solution to your need as it can be applied to face and body both. So don’t have to look for two different moisturizers.

As a combination, Gojiberry Extract and Orange Peel powder work wonders on your skin. Both ingredients have moisture locking properties and extra nourishing power which is really beneficial for your skin.

The lightweight gel formula of C-Files Detox Body Yogurt is non-sticky and leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized.

It is applied in few seconds and moisturizes skin providing 48 hours of lightweight hydration.

C-Files Body moisturizing yogurt help you achieve glowing and healthy looking skin.

This Body whitening yogurt is fast-absorbing and can be applied straight to damp skin, so you can shower, moisturize and dress straight away.

Goji berries in this C-Files Detox Body Yogurt are packed with antioxidants that can help acne prone skin that eliminate harmful free radicals.



Shea Butter: Ideal ingredient for softening skin; has anti-inflammatory properties

Kakadu Plum: Reverses the effects of free radicals and reduce the symptoms of ageing

Grape Fruit extract: Transforms dull, dehydrated complexions and leaves your skin beautifully radiant

Lemon Oil: Has antioxidants, which can help brighten and rejuvenate dull skin

Avocado Oil: Help moisturize and protect your skin from damaging UV rays and also increase collagen metabolism

Vitamin E: Restores skin from sun damage, recovers lost skin luster

Gojiberry Extract: Evens out skin tone and reduce hyper pigmentation; helps reduce wrinkles and signs of aging

Orange Peel: Promotes clarity, radiance, and smoothness, thereby reducing the signs of acne

Amla: Aids in your skin's natural regeneration process, which helps your body repair damaged skin cells


Take the required amount of body yogurt in your palm. Apply it all over your body just after showering. Massage lightly until completely absorbed. Dead skin cells dissolve and it’s really effective in lightening skin texture. Using C-Files Detox Body Yogurt in your regular routine will prove beneficial.

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Aradhna bansal on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★

"Totally worth it in this price"

Saransh garv on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★★

"Thankyou beauty Relay London for it "

Aayu verma on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★★

"Best product ever "

Chandhni goel on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★

"Its smells so good "

Dhaani saxena on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★★

"Our body needs pampering too,and in the form of vitamin c it is perfect "

Shimani on 29 Apr, 2022 ★★★★★

"My very first experience at using vitamin C body yogurt, and can positively say, I was not disappointed…"

Seema Shukla on 23 Mar, 2022 ★★★★★

"Hi, Nice product, excellent result, now my skin glow naturally. I suggest this product. thanks beauty relay...."

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