Who we are

Who we are

It’s very important to stay updated and follow the trend. But it’s more beautiful when you create your own fashion and people follow you as a trend. Beauty Relay does this for you. It offers a complete product range for beauty and personal care for men and women both driven by herbs, fruits, vegetables, and other natural phytoconstituents. It also has a wide collection of Cosmetics for all the beauties. 

Beauty Relay as a brand helps in defining your beauty journey and making it easy with the help of its variety of products range. Beauty Relay offers a comprehensive selection of skincare, haircare, fragrances, and personal care, luxury and wellness products for both women and men. We have wide selection of cosmetic products that advice you for your skin essential needs. We aim at providing you with everything that your skin demands.

Divya Sukul, a reputed and known name in the Modeling Industry has come forward to share the wide prospects of her leading global beauty brand- BEAUTY RELAY LONDON. She is a British Indian model & actress who specializes in Print & Movie acting. This Fashionista is not only a style diva but also an icon to the youth. She shows firm faith and trust in this brand as the brand’s core motive is to enhance one’s natural beauty. She truly embodies the brand and wishes to benefit the Indian youth as well. That’s why to take this forward; she is passing on the baton of Beauty Relay London to India, a Joint Venture Project in the name of Beauty Relay Pvt. Ltd. This assures the largest and quality brands under one manufacturing company, head office in Delhi, India.

Beauty Relay is well positioned in the international markets and now is being introduced as this vast collection of Beauty and Cosmetic products to Indian beauties to benefit. Beauty Relay literally can transform your dreams of having glowing and bright skin into a reality. With the wide range of Cosmetics, each girl can turn into a professional with her profound skills.

Beauty Relay means a race of beauty and cosmetic products where the winner is you. When you choose Beauty Relay for your skin, you choose healthy, glowing, and clear skin. Your beauty is our duty and we want to successfully attain it. It’s like a journey that allows you to choose your own destination. The journey to attain beautiful glowing skin has no end and so is Beauty Relay. We have so many ranges and variety of products which comprises of hand-picked ingredients. The brand is named Beauty Relay as the race for beauty has begun. Divya Sukul has passed it from London streets to India now and today so that the Indian Beauties can make the most benefit from it.

Once you look at the vast range, you will definitely stick your eye on it as it has much to offer beyond one’s expectations. Among the variety of products, ranges, and ingredients, you may pick any according to your skin type, preferences, etc. While creating a journey for your powerful identity that beautifies every aspect, we intend to offer brands like B king, Blue Nutrition, 4Coal, Dr. Coffee, Coraki, C Files, Dadhiyal, Factor E, Flora & Fauna, Ithyia, Dr. Juice, Just O2, Mr. Nuts, Prunus, Shuiqi, Coddle and many more in Indian online market.

The Beauty Race and the collection don’t end here. We have so much more to offer you. As when Divya Sukul entered the Indian markets and introduced her brand Beauty Relay, she was really influenced by the responses. She analyzed the Indian markets from beauty and cosmetic points of view and took an overview of what best she can do for the cosmetic world. After thorough research, she decided to take over an Indian Cosmetic brand- Color Expert. She found great potential in the product range. And now we are gearing up our speed and launching soon an altogether a division that belongs to the Color World of Cosmetics. Now, it has six variable brands under it. The brand in whole expresses the girl’s first love as cosmetics.

The first brand is Shade Story which specializes in eye shadows, eye glitters. The second is F2F and it specializes in blusher, highlighter, bronzer, etc. The third brand is Skin Paints which includes Foundation, Make-up base, loose powder, compact, pancake, etc. Marker is the fourth brand and it has Lipstick, lip liner, liquid lipsticks in it. The last brand is Spatter which has Body shimmers in it. The Indian brand acquired is Color Expert and it offers a complete and wide collection of cosmetics products.

Color Cosmetics focuses on enhancing your natural beauty. This professional range of cosmetic products will help you turn into the best of yourself. So girls, be ready to hold your gadgets and shop like a beauty fiesta because we are coming soon!