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Ithyia Aloevera Hydrating Gel with Aloevera and Vitamin-E

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There are many ways to look young but the best way to look young is to follow a healthy skin regime. Develop it now and feel the difference. Aloevera is the only ingredient that offers multiple-benefits for your skin, health and hair. It tells you the ways to fight acne and fade blemishes. It governs to slow down the signs of ageing. It is an anti-aging formula that removes dark circles and puffiness. Aloevera is no stranger in the skincare world.

With age, skin loses its sheen and elasticity, applying this Aloevera Gel for skin moisturizer will hydrate the skin. This skin hydrating gel helps get rid of dead cells from the skin making the skin soft and smooth. Once natural Aloevera gel has dried on the surface of the skin, it provides a protective barrier that helps keep moisture locked in. Its cooling effects reduce acne inflammation and assist in healing, removing redness and soothing dry or angry skin. It has strong soothing, hydrating and moisture retaining properties which stimulates regeneration of the skin. It moisturizes, prevents moisture loss and softens the skin. 

The anti-allergic properties found in Aloevera help the skin to recover from bites, scar and stress. The anti-inflammatory nature of Aloevera fastens the process of healing and minimizes acne. It can heal even bad cases of sunburn because it naturally forms a layer over your skin. It can also reverse the effects of tan as it helps in restoring natural color of your skin.

Ithyia Aloevera Hydrating Gel has organic Aloevera. It works as a great makeup primer also as it helps control sebum production keeping the skin hydrated as a result makeup lasts longer. Use this hydrating skin gel as a healthy moisturizer, skin nourisher or sunburn soother. Aloevera is rich in organic nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E which make it an important factor for skin wellness. The refreshing content of this Aloevera gel gives your skin a younger look. 



Made from 100% pure Aloevera, this face gel contains necessary vitamins which make the skin firm. You can swap your regular moisturizer for Aloevera after bathing to help seal moisture into the skin.

Aloevera extract in Ithyia Aloevera Hydrating Gel has a natural skin hydrating factor and works as a non greasy moisturizer making your skin soft.

Ithyia Aloevera hydrating gel helps you get an amazing smooth and healthy skin with anti microbial benefits also treats acne giving you a flawless and gorgeous skin.

As it is a natural humectant, moisturizing Aloevera Gel protects your skin from pimples, acne and wrinkles. It also has healing and soothing properties which helps to treat sunburn. 

This is the best gel for face moisturizer and is an excellent non greasy moisturizer, suitable for all types of skin. It softens and revitalizes deprived skin and protects it from sunburn. It promises to give you soft and healthy skin.

Suitable for all skin types, this hydrating gel moisturizer is effective for dry skin. Aloevera comes as a skin savior for most of us.

Protecting your skin from dirt and environmental damage, this skin hydration gel makes it healthy and radiant by cleansing it thoroughly.

This Ithyia Aloevera Gel heals acne and soothes skin irritations. Use it to fight blemishes and get clear skin with even tone. This skin hydrating gel leaves you refreshed with healthy and glowing skin.



Aloevera: Fastens the process of healing and minimizes acne; gives you a flawless and gorgeous skin

Vitamin E: Softens and revitalizes deprived skin and protects it from sunburn


Take desired quantity of Ithyia Hydrating Aloevera Gel and apply on face and body. For best result apply twice a day.

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Drishati singh | 13 Jul, 2022

Amazing one,love it

Bharka rani | 13 Jul, 2022

Lovely product

Itika khandelwal | 13 Jul, 2022

Instant glow on face

Shawney rana | 13 Jul, 2022

very light weight

Ankita kansal | 13 Jul, 2022

wow just wowww

Aryanka shama | 13 Jul, 2022

awesome product

Aazma fateh | 13 Jul, 2022

love with the results

Gori khanna | 13 Jul, 2022

good quality product

Tripti kansal | 13 Jul, 2022

works well on pimples and dark spots

Jahnvii sharma | 13 Jul, 2022

This is very effective

Vanshika Suri | 28 Apr, 2022

I had used aloe vera gel in the past and it made my pimples gone away..

Raj Kumar Sisaundiya | 31 Jan, 2022

Hello, I am Raj, my experience is very good against this product, I have personally suggest this product, Thanks beauty relay.

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