Vitamin-E Hair Serum

Factor E Vitamin-E Superb Antioxidant Hair Growth & Nourishing Serum with Argan Oil, Vitamin-E, Aloevera, Ylang Ylang and Rosemary Oil

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Hair serum protects the hair from damaging factors like pollution, dust, styling tools and humidity. Our hair is always exposed to dirt and pollution and therefore, they demand extra care. Hair Serum acts as a shield to the hair and prevents the dryness. Hair serum acts as a good conditioner for hair. Using oils make the hair greasy and stick to scalp, in such conditions it's better to use hair serums for protection and conditioning.

Get a salon finish hair with Factor-E Superb Anti-oxidant Hair Growth & Nourishing Serum. This serum cuts through the frizz and flyaway’s to give your hair a soft, supple and glossy look. 

Vitamin E as the main ingredient:

Maintaining a healthy scalp and hair is not a trouble now. Grow your hair long and strong with Vitamin E which supports a healthy scalp and hair as it has natural antioxidant effects that could assist with maintaining hair growth. Vitamin E has got amazing anti-oxidant properties which reduce the amount of oxidative stress and free radicals that cause the hair follicle cells in a person's scalp to break down. In short, Vitamin E in hair conditioner improves scalp circulation, balance oil production, add shine and luster to hair and support healthy scalp.

Factor-E Superb Anti-oxidant Hair Growth & Nourishing Serum gives advanced and intensive protection from hair loss by naturally blocking the DHT hormone responsible for hair loss. It gives the perfect finishing touch for a well-groomed look. Just a small amount of this powerful formulation applied onto hair and scalp shields from hair loss and tames frizz, fly away and split ends for sleek and silky tresses.


Suited for all hair types, Factor-E Hair Serum comes enriched with vitamin E which not only protects your hair but also makes your hair smooth and glossy without getting sticky.

Release of DHT hormone, lack of adequate nourishment, rough handling of hair, lack of sufficient moisture, excessive heat and chemical styling treatments that weaken hair – all these factors can lead to increased hair fall and hair loss. Use Factor-E Hair Serum to prevent hair loss.

Hair growth serum smoothen hair for a lovely, shiny and lustrous texture that’s only possible with Factor-E hair nourishing serum.

Vitamin E is notable for its moisturizing effects to condition your hair and scalp. Furthermore, it has been found to have anti-inflammatory effects which make this nourishing serum for hair the best of all.

The formulation of this hair nourishment serum is non-greasy and non-sticky in its texture. It makes your hair feel shiny and free-flowing always.

While applying hair serum make sure that you are not dabbing it onto your scalp. Hair serums will do no good for your hair roots and they are formulated only for the hair shafts.

Factor-E Hair Serum gives protection to your hair against harmful exposure to sun and also against some harmful chemicals.



Vitamin E: Support a healthy scalp and hair and recovers lost luster

Aloevera Extract: Effective in treating dandruff and flaking, has antifungal and antiviral properties.

Argan Oil: Moisturize your hair and scalp and protect your hair from everyday damage

Ylang Ylang oil: Stimulate sebum production; improve hair texture and reduce hair breakage

Rosemary oil: Beyond stimulating hair growth, it is used to prevent premature graying and dandruff


Do not towel dry your hair before you apply serum. Use 1-2 drops of Factor-E hair Serum on hair. Rub the serum between your palms well, and then evenly distribute onto the midsection and ends of hair.

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Chandan kumar on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★★

"Best for my hair "

Chinmaya chabbra on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★★

"Its lovely "

Dishi sharma on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★

"Woahh nice one "

Tripti khanna on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★

"Happy with it "

Simmi khanna on 18 Jul, 2022 ★★★★★

"it's non sticky and non oily"

Chandraneel sahu on 30 Apr, 2022 ★★★★★

"To Good"

Shivesh on 23 Mar, 2022 ★★★★★

"hi, Its really wonderful.. I like this and I recommended to my friend also.. Its really softens my hair and shiny too.. I love it.. thanks..."

Karishma Kapoor on 23 Mar, 2022 ★★★★★

"Hello, First thanks to Beauty Relay London good packaging without any damage to the product on delivery and it also looks fresh, Good product to use, no flaws with this.. hair looks good and smooth, and with good contrast. Thanks"

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