Set The Base Loose Powder At Rs-99 - 25gm

With Cocoa Powder, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-C

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Set The Base Loose Powder At Rs-99 - 25gm

We provide the Skin Paints Set The Base Loose Powder is your go-to product for perfect, long-lasting makeup application. This premium loose powder is intended to put your makeup in place and give you a gorgeous matte finish that lasts throughout the day. This loose powder for makeup is essential to have in your cosmetics collection, whether you're an amateur or a professional artist.

The Skin Paint Set The Base Loose Powder's formulation of finely milled powders masks flaws, reduces the visibility of pores, and controls shine, giving your skin a smooth, velvety appearance. Your makeup will remain in place for hours without creasing or fading with this ideal finishing touch.

This loose powder's adaptability is one of its finest qualities. All skin types, including oily, dry, and combination skin, can use it. Its lightweight, finely milled texture makes application simple, and it easily blends into the skin to provide a finish that looks natural. It may be used alone for a dewy, airbrushed appearance or over foundation for more coverage and durability.

The Skin Paints Set the Base Loose Powder stands out because of its reasonable pricing. You can only get this premium loose powder for makeup at Beauty Relay London, and you won't discover a better deal anywhere else. It is an affordable alternative that doesn't sacrifice quality, making it a top pick for both cosmetic beginners and beauty experts.

In conclusion, The Skin Paint Set the Base Loose Powder is the ideal powder for cosmetics enthusiasts who need a flawless, matte finish that lasts all day. It's a cosmetic need that belongs in every makeup collection due to its premium formulation, adaptability, and reasonable pricing. Experience the wonder of a perfect, long-lasting makeup look by getting your hands on this essential loose powder at a Beauty Relay London location close to you. The loose powder price is reasonable at Beauty Relay London.


Perfect, Durable Makeup: The Skin Paints Set With the Base Loose Powder, you may have beautiful makeup that lasts all day. It is made precisely to set your makeup in place. Your makeup will stay looking beautiful and fresh for hours because of the powders' ability to regulate shine, minimize the look of pores, and blur blemishes.

Matte Finish: This loose powder leaves your skin looking silky smooth and with a gorgeous matte finish. It is a great option for people with oily or mixed skin since it absorbs excess oil, prevents shine, and keeps your makeup in place all day.

Versatile: The Skin Paint Set is flexible. All skin types, including dry, oily, and mixed skin, can use the Base Loose Powder. It may be used alone for a dewy, airbrushed appearance or over foundation for more coverage and durability. It is simple to apply and mix into the skin because of its lightweight texture and fine milling.

Affordable: This loose powder, a Beauty Relay London exclusive, provides excellent value for its premium recipe. It is an affordable choice that provides professional effects without breaking the bank, making it available to beauty fans of all financial backgrounds.

Long-lasting: The Skin Paint Set is durable. With its long-lasting performance, the base loose powder for makeup makes it possible for your makeup to persist for several hours without fading, creasing, or smearing. By doing this, you may maintain a perfect, fresh appearance for the whole of the day—even in warm or muggy weather.

High-quality composition: This loose powder for makeup is created from soft, silky powders that have been carefully ground. All skin types can use it because it is designed to be mild on the skin, devoid of abrasive ingredients, and suited for regular use.


Vitamin E:

It prolongs the wear of cosmetics; regulates excessive oil and sebum

Vitamin C:

It creates a flawless foundation for the remainder of your makeup.

Coco Powder:

It provides comprehensive and expandable coverage.


Apply foundation or a cream base and concealer. To discharge the colored powder, tap the container's base. For a smooth application, dab a little product with the puff or stir a little powder into a brush. For a matte finish that looks natural, gently blow off the excess. Allow the powder to rest for about 3 to 5 minutes before dusting it off for baking.


Que- What is loose powder?
Ans: Powder is a finely milled powder that is used to set makeup, control shine, and create a smooth, matte finish on the skin.

Que- How do I use loose powder?
Ans: After applying your foundation or concealer, use a fluffy powder brush to lightly dust the loose powder over your face, focusing on areas that tend to get oily or where you want to set your makeup. You can also use a powder puff or sponge for more targeted application.

Que- Can I use loose powder on all skin types?
Ans: Yes, most loose powders are suitable for all skin types, including dry, oily, and combination skin. However, it's always recommended to choose a powder that matches your skin type and concerns for the best results.

Que- How does loose powder help with makeup longevity?
Ans: Powder helps to set makeup, keeping it in place for longer periods of time. It helps to absorb excess oil, preventing shine and reducing the risk of makeup creasing or fading throughout the day.

Que- Can I use loose powder without foundation?
Ans: Yes, powder can also be used on its own for a natural, airbrushed look. It helps to minimize the appearance of pores, blur imperfections, and provide a matte finish to the skin.

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