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Beauty is Power and makeup is something that really enhances that- it’s a woman’s secret. It is assumed that Makeup is a magic that makes you look beautiful and attractive, but at Beauty Relay, we believe it is meant to only magnify the beauty that already exists. Makeup is art; it is passion. Makeup is an expression that brings out the best of you.

The best thing is to look natural but nowadays it takes make-up to look so. The best in the race, we have some good news to share for all the make-up lovers out there. With new cosmetics dropping at confounding rates day by day, we've chosen to make it simpler for you to choose. Stay tuned, for we have six brands ready for you all. The brands are engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Color Cosmetics- the division that women's love the most. We've decided to make it easier for you to sort through the selection of the latest Liners, Lipsticks, Foundation, Body Shimmers, Primer, Palettes and so on under one roof.

The brand is working at a fast pace to keep up with the changing trends and technology and deliver the premium quality.

With a good make-up brush, every woman can be an artist. So what are your plans? Be a new lady every day. Wear the confidence that makeup gives. Putting makeup can boost your confidence. The makeup not only hides your scars or black patches on your face’s skin, but also acts as a protector from stopping dusts to reach your actual skin. It is considered a true self-confidence booster. It also enhances your actual beauty. Makeup is all about having a bit of extra fun in your life. Therefore, adding a bit of makeup benefits you to look better and more confident. There are many benefits of makeup and has become a necessity in our daily routine. Cosmetics help in enhancing our look. We say, girls never leave anything undone because they are a perfectionist. So is Beauty Relay Cosmetic Range. It is the favorable place for all your cosmetic supplies where you get everything under one roof. They have products that don’t harm your skin and help in maintaining your lifestyle at its best. Take complete control and flaunt your best at the next get together. Time is here. You just need to pick your choices and become the lady of your dreams.

Wear the confidence that makeup gives with the upcoming brands to be launched very soon. The first brand is Shade Story which specializes in eye makeup. The second is F2F and it has variety of blushers, highlighters, and bronzers. The third brand is Skin Paints which includes Foundation, Make-up base, loose powder, compact, and pan cake etc for a perfect makeup base. Marker is the fourth brand. It has Lipstick, lip liner, liquid lipsticks to mark your lips. The next brand we have is Spatter which is a Body Makeup Range in it. The sixth brand is Miaoou which offers the complete assortment of makeup removal products, CTM routine and makeup fixers.

Color Cosmetics focuses on enhancing your natural beauty. This wide range of makeup and cosmetic products will help you turn into the best of yourself. All in all, the brand loves to spread the message of self-love to each and every girl. Understand- you are unique for us and have all the right to do and choose the best for you, especially when it comes to enhancement of your beauty with quality range of products.

Let us talk in detail the wide aspects of each and every range. These six ranges are here to make your work easy. Beautiful skin is a lifelong process and maintaining it takes quality cosmetic products which Beauty Relay makeup range assures. Indulge yourself in the luxury of colors and know more about the ranges in detail.


Mark your features with Marker

Lift your look with Marker. Color your lips with Marker. Wondering what is Marker? We all do makeup for pretty much the same reason; change our look and feel better. But there comes a time where it gets boring and we want to experiment and do something different. This is especially annoying when you already wear makeup regularly because that full-face becomes your default look. If you’re too used to the way things are, then there is always a way out to change your look with makeup.

Marker is a new ultimate range that covers the best of all cosmetics. The range comprises of variety of Lipsticks and different assortment of shades to adore your lips. Marker offers a great deal of choices for the products to depend upon. Now slide your focus and get a new pout. You can never finish your makeup without applying any lipstick, please believe. There is always a need to add color to your lips without making them feel inferior. Take a step further with the wide collection of Lipsticks with Marker.


Stun everyone with every blink

Girls know very well how the smallest change in the way of making up their eyes can create a totally different look and appeal. Sexy or ingenuous, cute or superb, it all comes through that open window on our soul. Firmly believed, bold, beautiful eye makeup can transform a simple and sophisticated look and make it stand out by accenting your best features with colors and techniques tailored to your personal style and complexion. Everybody loves makeup that brings eyes in front and center and celebrates their beauty. No wonder that in our beauty routine, we pay great attention and care to eye make-up.

The second range is Shade Story that helps you have dramatic eye-makeup. Enhance or change the way you look. The way eyes are deep and profound so our range is. There are enormous number of eye makeup products in our list that can help you feel better about yourself. But when you want your eyes to do the talking, let them speak volumes. Take complete control with your eyes in the next party to ring in and flaunt at your best. Glam your eye look with our versatile range of Shade Story making an appearance as you have never done it before. Carry the look with confidence be it dramatic, sinful or chic!


Game of Light and Shadows

Although there is no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle because they bring out the real glow from within, but when it comes to exuding that glow-from-within, there are a few other ways you would wish to know and present yourself better. With a few beauty must-haves in your personal, you can ace the dewy, radiant look like a pro. Sounds good?

Blush, highlighter, and bronzer are the three most important products in your makeup routine. They are one of the hottest makeup trends right now. It is your one-way ticket to an instant, all-over radiant glow. Blush helps you get that rosy flush; bronzer aids contour your face and highlighter helps you get that lit-from-within glow. With contouring, you have the ability to add more dimension to your face by adding shadows and highlights, playing up your cheekbones and even reshaping your nose. These light-reflecting products are an incredible way to infuse life into your look and make you look more awake. Makeup artists and celebrities often use the magical art of highlighting and contouring to help lift and push features back.

It is said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever". So understand, where there is no highlighter, there is no real beauty. Be the greatest version of yourself with F2F. The range comprises all the essentials that gives a rosy blush to your cheeks, contours your face, highlights your features and brings out the best of you. Now, it’s time to fill in your vanity with the F2F makeup essentials.


Splash in the Shower of Shades

It's time for you all to shift your focus from your face and skin towards your body. Let your body shine like a sparkle. It's not only your eyes that symbolize different hues, nor your lips that strike the balance with other shades of your face makeup. It’s time to step up and experiment with a new and most trending style of Body Makeup. Beauty Relay has compiled a range- Spatter that lets your body glow.

Body painting is one the most fascinating art forms in the world. People love it and they are naturally drawn to it. Human bodies covered in paint intrigue us and catch our eyes. Following the trend, Beauty Relay has compiled range that calls for action. Spatter focuses on enhancing your body with the help of colors. The ingredients used to make the products are unmatched and include many essential oils that work on skin healing. Vivid and bright, the products are a worthy option if you wish to wear body paint for many hours with no degradation and chipping. Try Spatter.


Cross the Beauty Boundaries with Skin Paints

Is your skin giving you hard time and showing up with various skin imperfections like spots, blemishes, dark circles and acne scars? No one has a perfect skin tone. What most of us do is cover our uneven skin tone with makeup. Let’s get real. An uneven skin tone can be a real annoyance. And with everything from dullness to dark spots, gracing your complexion, it can seem like an even skin tone is out of reach. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And it all starts with learning how to even your skin tone. For many, problematic skin can give rise to imperfections which can be a barrier to create a flawless and smooth makeup look.

Skin Paints is exactly what its name suggests. Conceal blemishes, smooth your complexion and create a flawless face with Skin Paints. The products in this range hide all your skin worries and imperfections. The range comprises of various products that helps you form the perfect base, be it a foundation, a concealer, compact powder, primer or a complete palette. Let our products define your true features and enhance your natural look. Makeup gives you confidence and Skin Paints builds that confidence strong with the right quality. Self expression is the key and you can make it right with Skin Paints.


Makeup Removers and Fixers

It is no secret that cleansing is the most essential step of a beauty routine, no matter you are going to bed or starting with the makeup. The way makeup enhances your beauty and has become an indispensable part of a girl's life. The same way, it is seen that many women overlook the importance of makeup removal in their beauty regimen. It would not be wrong to say, Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing should be part of your daily skin care ritual because it is good for your skin. Follow CTM regime everyday i.e. Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing. A C-T-M routine is absolutely vital to keep visible signs of aging away from skin.

Beauty Relay has compiled a range- Miaoou for you which help you follow CTM regime and get rid of all your makeup along with any stubborn dirt or pollution. The range specializes in the pre and post Makeup essentials. You can get the Makeup fixer as well as makeup remover too.   Now partying anytime is easy. You don't have to worry now. Your makeup will be in place till the time you want it to be and after wards, it's easier to remove them with Miaoou Makeup Remover. No matter how much hurry you have, you are never late for your makeup.

This is a beauty race in which we are competing and this race will never end. The products and ranges are vast. This race sees no end. Join with Beauty Relay and enjoy a colorful competition that lets you improve your skin, your beauty and your quality of life.

Stay tuned to our latest trends and be the trendiest of all.


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